What if I am AWKWARD AF in front of a camera?

Honey bun, I got that covered. Not sure what to do with you hands?  Sloucher? Hold tension in your jaw? Whatever it is, I look out for that shit and will help you look your best. 99% of my couples say "We're awkward" and then look FLY AS HELL. 

Click here for a whole gallery of photos from couples who said they were "awkward"

What if my family gets DRUNK and acts a fool?

Well, I can't stop that, but I can get some great photos of the action! I mean, I will be right there on the dance floor with y'all. 

What if my officiant doesn't show!!!

Yo! I am also an ordained/registered officiant! While I don't officiate while I photograph, if the time comes, I can sign your papers and make you official! This photo is me officiating a wedding!

Photo by Jessica Kelly Photo

What if it rains?

Simple, I have a cute clear umbrella in my car! If it's bad we move inside! And if we are in the French Quarter, we duck under balconies. No sweat here. I got you on this one. 

TL:DR you've got 99 problems but your wedding photographer doesn't have to be one.

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But, don't take it from me, here is what my couples are saying:

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IDGAF if you don’t look anything like what you see in the wedding magazines. You belong here.