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I will guide you through all the steps and help you stay in the moment so I can catch photos of you looking natural and in love. I also always keep my camera nearby so I can catch the candid moments that happen throughout a wedding day.

I coach you through every step. 

Having your photo taken is an extremely vulnerable act, and I never take that for granted.

If you’re looking at my photos thinking “Wow, I don’t think I will ever look that natural in front of the camera,” I need you to know that the overwhelming majority of my couples say the same thing.

As you look through my site, remind yourself of that no one here is a professional model, and everyone here felt like you do right now.

It all starts with great photos. 

together, we celebrate the kind of love that would have put us
in jail 60 years ago.

40 Small Wedding Venues New Orleans New Orleans is one of the most romantic cities in America and one of the best places for a Small wedding Venues. After a year of canceled travel plans, New Orleans is a perfect little escape that feels part European, part Caribbean, and always full of joy and music. […]

New Orleans Small wedding Venues

My biggest tip for what to wear for your engagement photoshoot is to wear whatever feels most authentically to you. If you want to wear a full ball gown, great. You want to wear a banana costume, wonderful. Really I photograph the whole spectrum of what to wear, and I am here for all of it.


How to Elope in City Park Are you wondering how to elope in City Park? City Park has a variety of options for elopements, from more formal venues such as Popp Fountain to the swaths of greenery beneath the oaks on City Park Avenue. Eloping in City Park is easier than you might think! Here’s […]

New Orleans is a city full of surprises. Here is a practical guide to the best month to get married in New Orleans from a New Orleans wedding photographer.

Jack and DE’lia planned to have an after-dark wedding in New Orleans and brought me along as their New Orleans wedding photographer. We started the day at a charming French Quarter house that belonged to the family of one of the bridesmaids, it was perfectly photogenic and a beautiful place to start our day. DE’lia […]

How to start planning a wedding in New Orleans

- alexis

“Honestly, I was really worried about being self-conscious and nervous about how hard I’d be on myself once I saw the pictures, but once they arrived … I was FLOORED at how incredibly talented Tia is.”

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