New Orleans Wedding Photographer

You’re stoked for your wedding. You know it’s going to be beautiful, but thinking of having to pose for a million photos is giving you flashbacks to cheesy 9th grade school portraits. You see beautiful wedding portraits ALL THE TIME, but you’re just not sure you will ever look that natural in front of a camera.

and I have your back

I hear you

(My actual 9th grade photo for reference)

I am here to guide you through every step. I will help you through all of your posing, I'll tell you to stop slouching and what to do with those hands so you don't look like a t-rex. (Unless of course, you want look like a t-rex. We can make that work too.)

But really, I am here for YOU. I'll tie your bow-tie, pin your veil, and make sure you look fly af in your photos.

Thats where I come in:


I have already received so many compliments on how great the photos are. We were a little uncomfortable with being the center of attention and the portraits, but she was great at making us feel comfortable. What we really wanted was to capture how much fun we and our guests had, and that is exactly what we got.


 She made us feel so comfortable from the moment she walked through the door as if I had known her my entire life.
- Justice


If you’re looking for someone who will make you laugh, and someone who will make even the most awkward girl (me) feel like a model - book Tia.

What They're Saying...



Whew, you made it to the end. If you leave with nothing else, I really want you to know that it's your weddings, your rules, you don't have to be anyone other than who you are today. 

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