It's me

Your Wedding Photographer is the vendor you spend the MOST time with on your wedding day.

Find one you click with! Fingers crossed that's me.

- Virgo sun, Aquarius Moon
- Ravenclaw/Gryffindor 
- House Stark
- Enneagram 3w2
- Obsessed with my dog Maybelle
- Married to a lady <3
- Checks horoscope weekly
- Born/Raised in Buffalo NY
- Moved to New Orleans in 2010

Quick Facts

I am:

The one behind the lens! An analytical brain with an artist’s heart. Spent two decades hiding from a camera and if you're camera shy I FEEL YOU. Wakes up weirdly early and walks her dog every morning while listening to audiobooks. Gets the hiccups every damn day and can be found tinkering and working on projects.
Before I was a photographer, I was a High School teacher for 6 years. 

10% off for any bucket list shoots I haven't done yet!

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The Wedding photographer that feels like a friend