About Tia—

just a human trying to be at all the weddings

The Photographer who wants to be helpful af while getting cute shots.

I spend my time hopping from shady shot to shady spot because this pale Polish American can't handle the sun. I am a tinker-er, and I am pretty good at fixing things. I spend my days dreading getting dressed (now-hiring: personal stylist), but 95% of my wardrobe is black so it all matches, right? 

When I was little, I meticulously put glow-in-the-dark stars all over my ceiling in accurate constellations patterns (and bigger stickers for the brighter stars DUH). I really think that says a lot about who I am as a person. 

I tell you all of this because my personality has a huge impact on how I photograph your wedding. I am not the passive fly on the wall photographer. I get in there and make sure I do everything I can to make your day as smooth and beautiful as possible. Whether its tying your bow-tie or telling you what the hell you should do with your hands. I want to be there for you.  

- Virgo sun, Aquarius Moon
- Ravenclaw/Gryffindor 
- House Stark
- Enneagram 3w2
- Obsessed with my dog Maybelle
- Married to my wife Steph <3 
- Checks horoscope weekly
- Born/Raised in Buffalo NY
- Moved to New Orleans in 2010

Quick Facts + Bucket List

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Photos of my wife + I + our dog Maybelle

Get around—

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Whew, you made it to the end. If you leave with nothing else, I really want you to know that it's your weddings, your rules, you don't have to be anyone other than who you are today.