It's me

Sits behind Tia on the couch while she edits photos and gets her away from the desk to take walks. Rescue pup that wasn’t intended to be brought home but was too cute and too sad-looking so she got her forever family with Tia and Steph. Loves bones, has an excellent nose, is scared of concrete animals. Can be found napping in patches of sun.


 Supplier of tea and love. Proof-reads all of Tia's copy because Tia is a terrible speller. Spends her days as a high school educator and writing fantasy novels. Is very good at reading Tarot cards. Can be found making friends in the checkout line. Has excellent taste in wives.


The one behind the lens! An analytical brain with an artist’s heart. Spent two decades hiding from a camera and if you're camera shy SHE FEELS YOU. Wakes up weirdly early and walks her dog every morning while listening to audiobooks. Gets the hiccups every damn day and can be found tinkering and working on projects.


The Team

I can eat 6 Popsicle in 60 seconds

I once fell in a pond in the middle of taking wedding portraits.

Two truths and a lie

Hell no! I would have SUCH a brain freeze! This fun fact is borrowed from a dear friend.

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My wife and I met through Craigslist

True! My  wife was a craigslist roomate for some of my friends. When she moved in I though she was cute and thankfully she felt the same!

Oh yes, this happened. And everything still went great. Read about (and see the beautiful wedding!) here

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