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August 8, 2018

French Quarter Anniversary Photos | New Orleans Photographer | Kallistia Photography

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If you want to see a couple that is still crazy in love after 12 years of marriage and who doesn’t take themselves to seriously, look no further than Ashlee and Stuart.

Ashlee and Stuart are no strangers to New Orleans. They live in Mississippi and have visited before with their three adorable children. Their past trips have been focused on the kids with visits to the zoo and the aquarium. For this trip, they wanted something a bit different. They left their babies at home, and we hit the streets of the French Quarter!

My sessions tend to be a bit goofy, but Ashlee and Stuart KILLED it. I was cracking up the whole time running around getting them to the right places. My favorite moment was when we were walking away from Jackson Square. Along that street, St Louis Cathedral is perfectly framed by the architecture, but cars drive SO FAST around that curve that I cannot safely pose my clients for the view. But on this day, at the exact time we left Jackson Square, three mules with buggies were coming around the corner. I knew the mules wouldn’t be able to catch up to us, and we seized the moment! The scenario was something like this:

All of us: *Chat chat chat chat*

Me: OMG THIS IS PERFECT, quick get in the street and slow-mo run towards me!!

Ashlee+Stuart: Right Now?

Me: Yesss!!!

Ashlee+Stuart: ***Perfect Slow-mo run ***

The resulting photo is that perfect shot with the New Orleans architecture, Cathedral, and happy couple strolling down the street.

These two were an inspiration and a blast to shoot. As we walked around people stopped us and assumed they were newlyweds or newly engaged. Their love for each other was clear. Congratulations you two! Cheers to many more years of happiness!

 *from our last minute slow-mo run in the street* *from our last minute slow-mo run in the street*



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