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July 1, 2019

Chicago Lakefront Engagement Photos | Chicago Wedding Photographer | Tia Nash Photography

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Danny and Mikayla live together in downtown Chicago and wanted to do an engagement session at some of their favorite spots. When researching locations for the shoot, I was slightly concerned ever spot would be over crowded and busy with tourist and locals alike. As I walked up to the session Buckingham fountain where we begun our session was full of families enjoying their Sunday. As soon as we arrived, it started to rain which luckily emptied the place our for us! Danny and Mikayla could have asked to reschedule or have worried about the rain but when I asked if they were comfortable to still shoot they said “Eh we’re water people!” So we kept on shooting.

For me the rain adds a sense of intimacy and romance with both partners huddled under the umbrella. Mikayla joked that the first real test of their relationship was if they could both share the umbrella while he held it.

We walked from Buckingham fountain, down along the lake to the science museum to take pictures with Sue, the T.Rex who is a gender non-binary icon. At the point the sky cleared up but we were all soaking wet it didn’t even really matter! We had a blast through the whole shoot and I am so grateful they wanted to continue on despite all the rain!



  1. Sue

    July 1st, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Wow. What rain? All I see is love. Beautiful work.

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