French Quarter Anniversary Photos -

April 29, 2019

French Quarter Anniversary Photos

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Originally, this French Quarter anniversary photoshoot was meant to happen a whole month earlier. It was meant to happen when Jake and Tiana were attending a black tie wedding and would have been dressed to the nines. That shoot would have been fun, but when the forecast called for a stream of intense thunderstorms, we decided to reschedule!

Is it weird that  I am almost grateful we had to reschedule? Because the result of a more laid back, casual shoot, without an end time! We shot until well after the sunset and even stopped for hand grenades (I have to admit, it was the first time I had, had one in about 7 years, I am here to report they are still strong AF.) Since our shoot ended up being more casual, I think we were able to capture more of their personalities and really see what a goofy loving couple these two are.

They scheduled this photoshoot for two reasons. First, it was their first wedding anniversary!! Second, he is in the military and was in Slidell (a 30 minute drive outside of New Orleans) for only 8 months.

I am so glad our paths crossed as this really was one of the most fun shoots! When in doubt of what to wear or how to dress for a shoot, I saw wear something that is YOU. You should be comfortable and ready to have fun.

Take a look and see for yourself!


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