New Orleans French Quarter Engagement Photos | Sheeba + Ramin -

February 15, 2019

New Orleans French Quarter Engagement Photos | Sheeba + Ramin

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Sheeba and Ramin traveled from Dallas Texas to New Orleans for their French Quarter Engagement photos. They chose to come to New Orleans because of the charming architecture and historic street.

When they strolled up my jaw dropped! I knew she was wearing a full length black dress but I didn’t know she was wearing this full blown mermaid gown fit for celebrity! These two really dressed the part for their classic New Orleans Photoshoot!

We took to the streets meeting in Jackson Square and wondering around from there. Along the way we couldn’t make it more than a few blocks without being stopped by a group of tourist to take photos of them. I mean can you blame them? These two looked STUNNING but both of them were so kind and light hearted we laughed throughout the whole shoot.

The funniest moment was when I was setting up that ring shot you see below. That ring is balanced on an old doorknob of a random house in the French Quarter. I bounced the light upwards and reflected it off the overhand to illuminate the diamond. Right after that shot the ring fell (I caught don’t worry!) and an older gentleman walked out looking rather confused! I laughed and thanked him for having a cool door knob to use for photographs. He cracked up and was amazed at how good his knob looked! We all laughed for a minute before continuing to dance through the streets.

Congratulations on your engagement Sheeba and Ramin!


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