New Orleans Elopement at Tree of Life - Beautiful, Rainy, and Romantic

November 24, 2019

Rainy Day Tree of Life Elopement

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Alya and Dakota had a New Orleans Elopement, traveling all the way from southern Illinois. These two had their first real stress-test on their wedding day with a torrential downpour happening at the same time as we planned to do an outdoor first look. A bit of resourcefulness, and we did a last-minute location change to the bandstand in Audobon Park. I arrived with the groom while Ayla waited for a brief pause in the rain before coming to see us.  The first look was heartfelt as the two held each other near and stayed out of the rain. Alya’s dress sparkled through the dark sky. As soon as we were ready to head to the Tree of Life to have the wedding, the sky parted and the rain stopped. The wedding gods were smiling on us.

At the tree of life, we were joined by friends and family. By that point, the only rain coming down was dripping from the leaves and the weather was looking perfect. I do love how vivid and deep the colors get when everything is soaked with fresh rain. After the ceremony, we did a few family portraits and a few couple’s photos.

This wedding was short, sweet, and so romantic and intimate.

If you are considering a New Orleans elopement, send me a message and let’s get to planning!


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