Your wedding gallery will be full of portraits of you and your boo from different emotional highpoints in your day instead of one “45-minute portrait marathon”. With me, you get to spend more time with your community and less time in stuffy poses. 

Mini portrait sessions throughout your day

Your photos will be edited based on classic film with a modern twist that is aware of diverse skin tones. With me, your photos will never go out of style, and your community (no matter their race) will have rich, beautiful skin tones. 

Editing that’s always aware of diverse skin tones.

here is what
you can expect

You know that feeling of walking around the French Quarter on a beautiful day? There's a certain magic here you don’t find anywhere else. With me, your photos will have that feeling.

Photos that capture the joy & life of New Orleans. 

Throughout a wedding I shoot a mix of film and digital images depending on your package. This way you never have to worry your photos will go out of style because film is classic, nostalgic and timeless. 


Your sneak peeks will be in your inbox within 48 hours, and your full gallery will be hand-edited photo-by-photo and delivered within 6 weeks. With me, you don’t have to wait months to relive your memories. 

I’m quick and I prioritize quality

This business is queer and trans owned. My business is pro-LGBTQ+, pro-monogamy, and pro-ethical non monogamy.

Black lives matter, and sex work is real work. I am fat positive, and always open to learning and critiques. 

our ethical stance

- a groomsmen

“Wow those were the quickest family photos I have ever done at a wedding.” 

You’ll get access to all my (Virgo created) templates to help you organize your group photos so I don’t miss a thing. With me, you get beautiful group photos in a quick and efficient way. 

Group photos that are efficient, easy & beautiful

Wedding collections start at $5000
small wedding & elopements start at $3500
couples sessions start at $675

Don’t let price stop you though. If you really connect with my work, reach out and let's see if we can make it work together.

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making the wedding industry more affirming to all

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