Best Month to Get Married in New Orleans - Month by month guide

January 20, 2020

Best Month to Get Married in New Orleans

When is the best month to get married in New Orleans, you ask? Well, I would argue that any month is a good month to get married in New Orleans because this city always has something to offer. Every month has its pros and cons, and I’ll shed some light on how the city changes with the year.

Btw, I am definitely NOT a wedding planner. I moved here 10 years ago. This is my personal observation on the city and what you should know before planning a wedding here.

Here is my quick summary of in each month in New Orleans

Best Month to get married in New Orleans:


January is a slower month in New Orleans and could be a rare opportunity to wear a long-sleeve wedding outfit comfortably outdoors!
Weather: Cold and wet, could be 80 and beautiful, could be 35 and freezing.
Events: While carnival season starts on January 6th, there are no major events in New Orleans January UNLESS mardi gras is early. Check the mardi gras parade schedule here.


Mari Gras really picks up in February. Personally, this is my favorite time of year in this magical city!
Weather: Similar to January. It could be 30, it could be 80
Events: Look up the Mardi Gras parade schedules as parades will start this month. Look at what parades are happening on your day and weekend. Remember that hotel rates will go up the weekend of and weekend before Mardi Gras. The biggest parades are the weekend BEFORE Mardi Gras Day. Getting married that weekend means it will be difficult to get around the city (think $100 ubers) and 10 minute drives taking 2 hours because so many streets are closed.


New Orleans spring that quickly turns to summer!
Weather: The weather starts to get beautiful with temperatures between 70-85 degrees.
Events: Check the Mardi Gras schedule to see if parades are happening. Depending on the year, Mardi Gras may fall in early March. Check the mardi gras parade schedule here.

April & May:

These months are what we call “Festival Season.” The weather feels like summer, and the city celebrates.
Weather: This is when the weather starts to get HOT. By the end of May, expect high humidity and high temperatures.
Events: Be mindful of French Quarter Fest and Jazz fest as they will impact how easy it is to drive across the city and rates of hotels.


The city starts to slow down with the start of Hurricane season and the end of Festival season.
Weather: The weather is warm, the rain is tropical, and everything slows down as hurricane season officially starts on June 1st. Although we rarely get storms in June, tropical weather is definitely something to keep in mind. I 100% recommend an in-door venue with ample cover from rain and air conditioning for your guests.
Events: No major June events that would have a huge impact on traffic or hotels

July & August:

Welcome to slow season in New Orleans!
Weather: In July and August, you can expect HIGH temps, HIGH humidity, and a chance of thunderstorms almost every day. Don’t let the thunderstorms scare you, though. They usually only last 20 minutes then move along to a different part of the city. In these months, you can expect to find lower rates at hotels and maybe with your preferred vendors. An indoor ceremony and reception is preferred because it is HOT. Be mindful that the end of August is the PEAK of hurricane season. (Peak hurricane season means that historically, our biggest storms have come in the last week of August/first week of September. But remember mother nature does care about our schedules and hurricanes do what they wanna.)
Events: The biggest event of the summer is Essence Fest, which mostly happens in the CBD and French Quarter but airbnbs fill up all over the city. Hotels will book up far in advance and driving around Canal Street will be difficult. There are many other events including Red Dress Run, Satchmo Summer Fest, and my favorite, Southern Decadence.


Is it fall yet in New Orleans? NOPE, but at the end of September, we get into peak wedding season. Book your vendors early because these dates are popular.
Weather: Expect the temperatures to still be hot and humid with lots of thunderstorms. The start of September is still peak hurricane season.
Events: Southern Decadence (a beautiful gay sparkle filled weekend) happens Labor day weekend, but the rest of the month is quiet for festivals. Make sure to check which days home games are happening for the New Orleans Saints as game days do impact traffic flow!


Peak wedding season! Expect popular venues to book a year or more in advance. This arguably IS the best month to get married in New Orleans.

Weather: October is when the weather starts to get beautiful again with temperatures in the 80s and fewer tropical storms. Do expect a few HOT days (90+ and a few cold days 50s or lower.) In 2018(or was it 2017) there WAS a hurricane that caused a curfew in early October. Tropical storms are rare but possible.
Events: TONS of small festivals around the city but nothing that would have a huge impact on traffic or hotels. VooDoo music festival does happen Halloween weekend in City Park. If you’re planning a wedding in or near City Park be mindful that the music from the festival might be in the background, and large parts of the park are inaccessible to non-festival goers.


Probably my second favorite month in New Orleans. This is the month when we can finally break out our sweaters!
Weather: It starts to get chilly at night but it’s often that we have beautiful 70 degree days!
Events: No major events


The holiday season in New Orleans is lovely.
Weather: The weather starts to nip colder on our skin, but you probably won’t need much more than a heavy sweater or a light jacket.
Events: Lots of holiday events and parties happen in December. If you plan to get married at places like Jackson Square or City Park, be mindful that they will be decorated with holiday cheer!

French Quarter colorful house engagement photo

Other helpful things for you:

Look up the historic weather on YOUR date ->
Check the average temp and rain -> US Climate


Do you have any other questions about when to get married??? Comment below and I will answer! 


P.S. Need a wedding planning checklist? I’ve got you!! Here is my practical month-by-month checklist for planning your wedding: Wedding Planning Checklist


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    I want to get married under the tree of life in Audubon Park, any tips? I live In Florida so I’ll be planning from here! Love your site.

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