Best New Orleans Elopement Ideas and Locations and locations from a photographer

January 31, 2020

Best New Orleans Elopement Ideas and Locations

New Orleans is a perfect city to plan an intimate wedding. In this blog, I round up the best New Orleans elopement ideas of 2019!

Every year as a wedding photographer, I attend 50+ weddings all over New Orleans. This blog rounds up some of the knowledge I have gained from being at so many weddings around the city. Here are my best 9 tips for planning a New Orleans Elopement.

9. A Courthouse Elopement

One of the first things that come to mind when someone says “elopement” is courthouse wedding. New Orleans DOES have some beautiful courthouses that are perfect for intimate weddings and elopements, but for the last few years, there has been a hold on having weddings in courthouses. I am unsure how long this hold will last, but know that if you plan to get married in New Orleans, you will have to look elsewhere.

City Park Elopement - New Orleans Elopement

8. Intimate Summer City Park Elopement

City Park has TONS of great spots to have an intimate wedding, including under these oaks. This grove of mature oak trees is one of the oldest groves of live oaks. It’s beautiful and iconically southern. To have an elopement here, just make sure to get a permit!


Jackson Square Elopement

7. Jackson Square Elopement

Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral are probably the most widely recognized symbols of New Orleans and can be a perfect backdrop for a New Orleans Elopement. Like City Park, if you would like to have your wedding IN Jackson Square, you will need a permit. The platform across the street (where this sunset photo is taken) is very photogenic and would be a great spot for an intimate wedding. Keep in mind, though, that this platform gets VERYYY busy during peak house (4pm-6pm and weekends.) If you would like a private experience here, early morning and mid-week are the best.


Backyard Wedding

6. A Backyard Wedding

Having a wedding in your own backyard can be one of the most personal, intimate, and cost-effective ways to get married in New Orleans. If you have a backyard big enough to fit your closest friends and family (or just you and your boo), you might not need to look any further for a wedding venue! See this full wedding here.


French Quarter Bar elopement at the starlight lounge

5. A French Quarter Bar Elopement

A bar can be the PERFECT venue for a New Orleans Elopement. Not only does a bar give off major French Quarter vibes, the rental fees for a bar might be lower than a traditional wedding venue. Plus, in a bar, you have a roof which could be SO HANDY in case it’s raining, scorching hot, or freezing cold. New Orleans weather is incredibly unpredictable, and having a roof can alleviate a lot of stress

Sadie + Tyler traveled from New Mexico to New Orleans to have their intimate wedding. They chose the Starlight lounge as their venue and Latoya of Waning moon to officiate. See their full wedding here.


Tree of Life Elopement by wedding photographer Tia Nash

4. A Tree of Life Elopement

The Tree of Life is one of the oldest oak trees in New Orleans and is a perfect backdrop for a New Orleans elopement. When Ayla and Dakota came to New Orleans from Illinois, they were greeted with LOTS of rain, but that didn’t stop the celebration. If you are interested in booking the Tree of Life, be sure to secure a permit ASAP as it books up far in advance!


City Park Elopement - New Orleans Elopement

3.City Park Bandstand Elopement

This intimate wedding took place under the bandstand in New Orleans City Park. This location was perfect because we got all the vibes from the greenery. It was lightly raining all day during this elopement so having the shelter was a major plus! As mentioned above, you will need to secure a permit to use the bandstand.


French Quarter Elopement

2. French Quarter Elopement Photo session

One idea for elopements that I find to be particularly genius is caring less about the ceremony space and more about where you would like to take portraits. This Elopement ceremony was planned to happen in a small office with waning moon weddings

The couple knew that the office wasn’t going to be the most photogenic place in the city so instead of worrying about finding the most beautiful ceremony location, they opted for an extended portrait session around the french quarter! They got great photos with less fuss which is always wonderful for intimate elopements.


Jazz Fest Elopement City Park Elopement - New Orleans Elopement

1.Festival Elopement

New Orleans has a calendar PACKED with festivals with peak season being from March-May. Planning your elopement during a festival means you can take advantage of all the parties the city is already having! Kelly and Michael planned to have a small City Park ceremony followed directly by attending New Orleans Jazz Fest. This was truly one of the most unique weddings I have ever photographed!

Planned by Alchemy Events, check out this wedding’s feature in New Orleans wedding magazine!

Now, if you find yourself planning a New Orleans elopement and you still feel a bit lost, reach out! I try to be as helpful as possible with my couples and would love to talk to you more about your wedding ideas.


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