Do I Need a Second Photographer at my Wedding?

January 16, 2020

Do I Need a Second Photographer at my Wedding?

“Do you really need a second photographer at your wedding?” This is probably a question that you are asking yourself as you begin to plan and budget for your wedding. Here is my perspective after spending the last two years as a solo-lead photographer, a lead photographer with a second photographer and as a second photographer. This is the honest truth of the pros and cons of hiring more than one photographer for your day.


6 Reasons you need a second photographer at your wedding

1.) Getting their reaction AND you walking down the aisle

Their reaction as you walk down the aisle is priceless. It’s the first moment as you take the steps to become officially FOREVER and you are going to want to remember that look forever. Sometimes aisles are so long, the only way you will be able to see their reaction is if you have a photographer to catch the moment. These once in a lifetime moments deserve to have great photographs and having two photographers allows you to not miss a thing.

More photos in less time - why you need two photographers at your wedding


2.) Getting a second angle on intimate moments.

All of these photographers were taken within seconds of each other. Having both angles adds an invaluable second angle (and more photographs!) from a very special moment between a mom and her daughter. Being able to see both of their faces is so beautiful and these shots would have been missed without a second photographer.

Two angles on a special moment - why you need two photographers at your wedding


Two angles on a special moment - why you need two photographers at your wedding

3.) Getting intimate closeups, while still getting atmospheric shots.

This couple really wanted a photo of their first kiss from behind the altar with the crowd behind them at their cabildo wedding. That shot is perfect! But without a second photographer, I would have missed the moment when they turned to the crowd and were introduced as husband and wife. Having two photographers means you can get the artsy and original shots (like the one behind the altar) while still getting the traditional photographs!

Ceremony from two angles - why you need two photographers at your wedding

4.) You get photographs of both you and your boo on the way to the wedding

When I am photographing a wedding, I approach it as if I am a director telling the story of your day. I take photographs and picture how they would be laid out in an album and what will make you feel the memories as you flip through the pages. Having photographs of you moving from the prep location to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception add a dynamic feel to your wedding gallery. Usually, couples are heading to the venue at the same time, and the only way to capture both crews moving around is to have two photographers. If you would like your photographs to bring you right back to the moment, having two photographers is a great idea.



A bride and groom walk to a wedding

5.) More family photos in less time

For this wedding, the couple had 20 family photo groupings they wanted to get but we only had about 15 minutes in the schedule. I was able to make this work by separating the list into “photos with the bride” and “photos with the groom.” Then my second photographer and I each took a list and powered through family photos in record time. We both knocked out 75% of the portraits in under 10 minutes. In the last few minutes, we did whole group photos with both sides.

There is NO WAY I could have gotten all the family photos done alone when working with a tight timeline. If you know you have a limited window of time for photographs with your family and you have a long list of shots you would love, a second photographer helps keep things moving and efficient! (less time on posed photos = more time on the dance floor!)

Degas House Wedding

6.) You get two versions of key photos

Both of these are photographs of the same moment but they have a different feel. This happened because I and my second photographer working with different lenses on our cameras. This allowed us to capture the close up details, while still getting the atmospheric ambiance of the tree at the Degas house. I love BOTH of these images and am so glad I had a second photographer to capture a different perspective.

More photos in less time - why you need two photographers at your wedding

All in all, having two photographers at your wedding is a huge value and adds tremendously to the story of your day. A second photographer can also save time and help the da run smoother. If you are short on time, or you would really like to make sure all of the moments are captured, a second photographer is the way to go.


After reading this, what do you think? Do you need a second photographer at your wedding? Let me know in the comments if you had a second photographer (or not) and if you found it helpful on your wedding day.


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