Garden District Wedding | Jess + Jules -

March 12, 2019

Garden District Wedding | Jess + Jules

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Let me take you ALL the way to the beginning when Jules and Jess began to look for a New Orleans Wedding Photographer. These two live in Portland and found me on instagram. On our initial phone call, Jules told me all about their sun signs, we chatted about crystals and I knew that we would all get along perfectly.

On their wedding day, Jules was sipping coffee while Jess was upstairs with local pastries. It was raining the whole morning which could have ruined the mood but it didn’t. Everyone was kind and calm and just so happy to be celebrating the marriage of Jess and Jules. We got ready in a funky Airbnb about a mile from the venue. After preparations were complete. we drove to the venue (to avoid the rain!) and found Coquette to be perfectly decorated with seasonal greenery.

The two shared their vows while we all laughed and cried at the very personal ceremony officiated by a close friend. After we ate a huge meal at two long tables while everyone chatted. 

Finally, we ended the night with Karaoke at a local bar!


  1. Anjela Ford-Glueckert

    March 16th, 2019 at 3:48 am

    Outstanding! Love, love, love to see so much true love and happiness celebrated and now captured forever. Wishing Jess and Jules infinite happiness and everlasting love.

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