New Orleans Courtyard Wedding at Hotel Provincial | -

October 17, 2019

New Orleans Courtyard Wedding at Hotel Provincial |

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Chris and Slyvia decided to have me be New Orleans wedding photographer while they planned their wedding from out of state. These two met while he was reffing roller derby and she was a roller derby girl. Their wedding was full of unique quirky details and played on their love of all things nerdy. Her bouquet was made from pages of Harry Potter, his boutonnière made from pages of Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy.

We started the day at Hotel Provincial with everyone bustling around preparing for the day. As soon as I took Sylvia’s dress outside to photograph the staff all grew excited and couldn’t wait to see the bride! We tucked ourselves away in a hiden corner of the courtyard for a first look with just the two of them. Their friend officiated and made everyone laugh with his thoughtful and nerdy jokes. After the  ceremony, we secondlined across the city and enjoyed dinner.


Words from Sylvia

Tia is the best photographer! She was able to capture our silliness and innate awkwardness and made it beautiful! The best compliment we got that day was from my maid of honor about you. She assumed we had known Tia for years because you just fit in and melded into our family. (We formally met Tia two days before our destination wedding in NOLA) Planning this wedding from another state was a feat all on its own. Tia’s help from our first conversation was instrumental in our destination wedding and the planning. When our original bakery unexpectedly closed, she had a stellar suggestion that was so delicious! When I couldn’t get Second Lines to call me back, Tia helped us find the best sounding and most professional group! When I was having a hard time finding hair and makeup her suggestion was perfect! When we made each of those phone calls they asked who recommended them, and once we said Tia Nash they all sang her praises and said how much they loved working with her. Tia captured our family heirlooms and our families love. I’m in tears and so happy! My family hasn’t had a real family photo since before my dad passed away, and that was 20 years ago. I’m so pleased to have a beautiful family portrait with my mother and sisters. It means so much to me, I can’t even convey it properly. Tia truly is the best. We love her! Sylvia and Chris


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