Nick and Natalie | House of Blues Wedding | Tia Nash Photography -

November 7, 2019

Nick and Natalie | House of Blues Wedding | Tia Nash Photography

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Nick and Natalie and I go waaayyy back (I mean one year is way back right?) and when they decided to fly in from California to have a New Orleans wedding I was OVER THE MOON. We first met back in 2018 when Nick reached out to have me photograph their proposal. Luckily, Natalie said yes and a few months later they began wedding planning. (Pro tip: go check out their proposal and Nick’s mustache here.)

Their wedding was on a cloudy day in October and truthfully, it RAINED all morning. We were a bit on edge, not sure what the weather would do but we were ready for anything. We started the day with a first look at Exchange Place ally, then we wondered the streets and began to felt the pitter patter of light rain. OH NO! I tried to go into a giftshop to buy and umbrella but Nick talked me out of it and we kept going. We stoped at Jackson Square were they got engaged a year earlier, then we popped into a store with great AC to cool off (it was about 1000000% humidity that day.)

We returned to the house of blues, met up with friends and family, they got married and the party continued!!

The knot wouldn’t let Natalie leave a separate review, but here are her words from a year ago!

Tia is the absolute best! She coordinated with my fiance (who might I add, is not great with this stuff) to pull off a surprise proposal and the pictures are to die for! My family and friends still talk about them. She is so easy-going and if you feel like you are not “good at pictures” like we claimed to be, she makes you feel ridiculously comfortable. We love her so much that we are having our destination wedding in NOLA and the very first thing we were absolutely sure of before we even decided on a date: Tia!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!


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